Choose Greg’s Adventure: Eyelets All Over The Place!

The Results Are In!

Howdy, friends! The results of the first design decision in “Choose Greg’s Adventure” are in, and you have chosen EYELETS ALL OVER THE PLACE!

OK, this is going to be fun! I have my seed stitch triangle started in the Liffey Falls Beach Bunny Yarns World Traveler yarn. Once the voting was complete, I added the eyelets all over the place in the Lichen yarn. It’s difficult to appreciate the eyelets with it all kinda bunched together, but once this shawl is blocked, they are going to shine! With that decision made, and the result knitted up, I’ll be updating the pattern in the next day or two so you can catch up to where I am. If you haven’t got your copy of the pattern yet, go ahead and pick it up on Ravelry. If you don’t have your yarn yet, be sure to tune in to Unraveling…a knitting podcast (episode 144) to find out how get a $10 discount on yarn from Beach Bunny Yarns.

Notes About The Journey

Increasing a stitch every other row posed a slight issue at first, since I am doing this in seed stitch. I needed to make sure that the seed stitch pattern is maintained with the increases. To accomplish this, the seed stitch along the increasing side of the triangle is not truly seed stitch, but it’s close and blends in well. The easiest way to increase is to include a yarn over, but I didn’t want a row of yarn over holes going down one side of the shawl. Fortunately, I recently learned how to close the hole created by a yarn over–when knitting it on the other side, knit through the back look instead of the front loop. This will twist the stitch enough to close up the gap and make everything look nice and tidy.

Once I got to the lace section, I wanted to be sure to keep the edges of the shawl looking need, so I continue to do 5 stitches of seed stitch at the beginning and end of the row. This meant I needed to pay a little bit of extra attention to the math as I was switching from seed stitch to the lace pattern. I figured it out, though, and I’m really pleased with how it is looking.

So far, I’ve used 15g of the Liffey Falls and 8g of the Lichen. This will become more and more important the farther along I get.

Decision Time!

Allright, I’m going to be knitting some more seed stitch in Liffey Falls until it’s time to insert the next Lichen lace section. But I need you to tell me what lace section to use next. Once again, I have two choices. We are at Decision Point B. This section will be a bit wider than the first decision point, so we can use a larger pattern. I have knitted up 2 different swatches: one with lace circles, and the second with lace arrows. Which do you prefer we use at this point? Check out the photos and vote below! Voting will be available for about a week, and the pattern should be updated a few days after voting closes. (Note: some users have reported issues voting using the Firefox browser. If you have an issue voting, try using Chrome.)

Once the votes are in, I’ll update the pattern with the newest instructions and get to knitting my sample to the next decision point. I’ll be back here with the next decision point then. Remember, you can pick up your copy of the pattern on Ravelry and be sure to tune in to Unraveling…a knitting podcast to hear more about the design process and how to get a $10 discount on yarn from Beach Bunny Yarns.

Until next time, keep on knitting for the ones you love!


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