Choose Greg’s Adventure: Circles!

The Results Are In!

Howdy, friends! The results of the second design decision in “Choose Greg’s Adventure” are in, and you have chosen CIRCLES! It was a close vote–23 to 20.

As you can see, I’ve already started getting these circles knitted into the sample shawl. There are over 100 stitches on my needle at this point, so of course the knitting is slowing down. But this is a fun and “potato chippy” pattern, so I expect to finish it up and get a pattern update out this weekend. I think I’m going to have 4-6 lines of circles in the completed shawl. If you don’t have your yarn yet, be sure to tune in to Unraveling…a knitting podcast (episode 144 or the soon to be released episode 146) to find out how get a $10 discount on yarn from Beach Bunny Yarns.

Notes About The Journey

For this section, I went back to seed stitch in the Liffey Falls Beach Bunny Yarns World Traveler yarn. I used close to same amount of yarn in this section as I did in the first, but since the rows are longer, the knitting is not as deep. The spreadsheet I’m keeping is really helping ensure that I balance my yarn usage and hopefully will keep me (and you!) from playing yarn chicken at the end. If you have a copy of the pattern, you have access to that spreadsheet, so you can see how I plan things like this and follow along with my exact progress as I knit it myself.

Decision Time!

Allright, I need to finish up the Lichen circles section and put some more Liffey Falls seed stitch in before we get the next lace Lichen section. It’s going to be hexagons, but I don’t know what kind of hexagons it will be yet. I need you to choose that for me! In the schematic, we are at Decision Point C. It will probably be about as wide as the circles from the last decision point, maybe a little wider I have knitted up 2 different swatches: one with regular hexagons, and the second with elongated hexagons. Which do you prefer we use at this point? Check out the photos and vote below! Voting will be available for about a week, and the pattern should be updated a week or so after voting closes. (Note: some users have reported issues voting using the Firefox browser. If you have an issue voting, try using Chrome.)

Once the votes are in, I’ll update the pattern with the newest instructions and get to knitting my sample to the next decision point. I’ll be back here with the next decision point then. Remember, you can pick up your copy of the pattern on Ravelry and be sure to tune in to Unraveling…a knitting podcast to hear more about the design process and how to get a $10 discount on yarn from Beach Bunny Yarns.

Until next time, keep on knitting for the ones you love!


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