Busy Week! More To Come

More To Come

Tonight Show “More To Come” bumper from icollector.com

When the week gets busy, some things drop. This past week, there has been a lot of non-knitting activity going on around the Knitting Daddy household, and what gets dropped is a full Knitting Daddy blog post. Look for an exciting post next week — I’ve caught up on my podcast listening and have lots of good things to share, I’ve been knitting some cool projects for swaps, and I’m looking forward to sharing those.

Most exciting, however, is that I am attending a series of knitting workshops this weekend at Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA, led by Susan B. Anderson! There might be a few spaces left in some of the classes, so if you’re in the Northern Virginia area (or can be) this weekend, come join me at the classes and learn how to knit awesome toys and fair isle hats. I’m very excited about these workshops and am looking forward to sharing a great wrap-up with all of you when I get back next week.

About the graphic: when I was a kid, I loved watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I didn’t often get to stay up late enough to watch the show, and when I did, I always thought the “More To Come” bumpers that would flash on the screen for about 5 seconds around a commercial break were really cool. I was surprised that I couldn’t find many good examples of those images with my web searching, but happy to find a cute example at an auction site. That would have been a cool piece of art to own.

Until next week, keep on knitting for the ones you love!


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